Sydnee Carter onto the next chapter

Starting off at a young age can be difficult, especially in this generation. The world has changed, especially for up and coming musicians. 18 year old Sydnee Carter from Perth, Australia, lives in the so-called YouTube Generation where YouTube is the most popular online tool for discovering new musicians. Young independent singer-songwriter Sydnee got herContinue reading “Sydnee Carter onto the next chapter”

Ralway Bell: From the beginning

Five-piece alt-country rock band Ralway Bell have won the group of the year award at the WA country music festival. But how did it all begin? Lead vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter in Ralway Bell, Ben Wilson, played in a lot of rock and grunge bands throughout his teenage years and his university days. WhenContinue reading “Ralway Bell: From the beginning”

Addy M: Rapping, writing lyrics and inspiring people

Rapper Addy M is only 20 years old and is already being idolised. His music consists of real life events and things that were happening around him. One even sounded like he was living in the game of Grand Theft Auto… I performed on the first day of Surf Festival and Marine Drive was literallyContinue reading “Addy M: Rapping, writing lyrics and inspiring people”

Emerging artist Sharmain Kendrick releases new single

Emerging artist Sharmain Kendrick has recently released her new single Kill Him. It was first played on Australian radio and officially released through a single launch at Jimmy’s Den, Perth. Joining the launch was Kate Hindle, Courtney Conway, Josie Bright and Jasmine Atkins. They’re all young up and coming country pop singers like Sharmain. TheContinue reading “Emerging artist Sharmain Kendrick releases new single”

Should NHS staff strike over pay freeze?

In March MP Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt rejected the independent Pay Review Body’s recommendation to give a one per cent pay rise to UK NHS nurses. The decision to not award the pay rise has now prompted some NHS staff to retaliate by striking for their right to fair pay. Against the idea is SallyContinue reading “Should NHS staff strike over pay freeze?”

Little Mix Get Weird Tour Review

The UK’s biggest girl band, Little Mix, Get Weird with fairy tale sets, sparkly outfits, bright lights and plenty of hit songs at Leeds First Direct Arena. I’ve got to be honest here. If you told me five years ago that a girl band from X-Factor were going to be doing their world tour forContinue reading “Little Mix Get Weird Tour Review”

All Star Converse

I am in the process of creating a Music Magazine for my Dissertation at University. I am making a products page for what to wear to festivals. Converse seem to be the main shoes to wear lately. I have also got sunglasses, Hunter wellies and fedora hats on the products page. If anyone had anyContinue reading “All Star Converse”

Should the invisible, become visible?

In Britain alone one in four people will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Half of these mental disorders can begin before the age of 14 and around 20 percent of children have a mental disorder. But this is not widely known among the population. There are more than 200 classified formsContinue reading “Should the invisible, become visible?”