Little Mix Get Weird Tour Review

The UK’s biggest girl band, Little Mix, Get Weird with fairy tale sets, sparkly outfits, bright lights and plenty of hit songs at Leeds First Direct Arena. I’ve got to be honest here. If you told me five years ago that a girl band from X-Factor were going to be doing their world tour forContinue reading “Little Mix Get Weird Tour Review”

All Star Converse

I am in the process of creating a Music Magazine for my Dissertation at University. I am making a products page for what to wear to festivals. Converse seem to be the main shoes to wear lately. I have also got sunglasses, Hunter wellies and fedora hats on the products page. If anyone had anyContinue reading “All Star Converse”

Should the invisible, become visible?

In Britain alone one in four people will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Half of these mental disorders can begin before the age of 14 and around 20 percent of children have a mental disorder. But this is not widely known among the population. There are more than 200 classified formsContinue reading “Should the invisible, become visible?”

Stop animals suffering from our vanity

Millions of animals suffer every year in the name of beauty. How many animals suffered for the makeup you’re wearing right now? Whilst you’re getting dolled up with the latest mascara, lipstick and blusher, animals in labs are doing the same; only once they’re ready they’re dissected. Scientists apply your moisturiser onto a rabbit’s eyeContinue reading “Stop animals suffering from our vanity”

New University of Sunderland Presidential Team

The roles for the future Student Union’s Sabbatical Officers were announced last Friday night at the Bonded Warehouse by the previous President Chloe Jackson. After a week’s build up, the announcement of the next president, Bilal Ali Raja, was made for the upcoming academic year, beating two other candidates David Metcalfe and Siliviya Katetakova. ItContinue reading “New University of Sunderland Presidential Team”

A Life in the Day: Dancing is job, my passion, my hobby and my life

Cheryl Reid, 20, Dance Teacher and Gymnastics Instructor at Dance Expression, talks about how creativity is her world from teaching to being artistic I must wake up – it’s 8 o’clock as usual and there’s so much I need to do.  I live with my parents and my 2 younger siblings – yes I’m theContinue reading “A Life in the Day: Dancing is job, my passion, my hobby and my life”

Did the Liverpool Care Pathway really need to be demolished?

Since the controversy over the now demolished Liverpool Care Pathway and a new approach to end of life care was announced in June by the Department of Health, the Commons’ health select committee has launched an inquiry into the whole system. They are examining the palliative and end of life care including what changes andContinue reading “Did the Liverpool Care Pathway really need to be demolished?”

It’s an Idopathic Intracranial Hypertension Life

Imagine your head feels as though it’s been crushed by a vice, a headache unlike anything you’ve ever felt before… All because you had taken a birth control pill. Hayleigh Perry, now 19, was left with unbearable headaches after being prescribed with a birth control pill to help with her acne problem. “Imagine your headContinue reading “It’s an Idopathic Intracranial Hypertension Life”